FREE TRUMP [$TRUMP] is a digital asset that is not backed by any government, bank, or financial institution. This cryptocurrency token is a decentralized and autonomous system that operates on a blockchain network. Owning and using [$TRUMP] involves risks, and potential buyers and users should carefully consider these risks before purchasing, trading, or using this token. The purchase, sale, and use of [$TRUMP] are subject to legal and regulatory requirements and restrictions that may vary depending on the jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the buyer and user to ensure compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. The value of [$TRUMP] may be volatile, and there is no guarantee of its value or liquidity. The use of [$TRUMP] may be limited or restricted by various factors, including market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, and technological limitations. By purchasing, trading, or using [$TRUMP], the buyer and user acknowledge and agree to the risks associated with digital assets, including the possibility of loss or theft of tokens, and the potential for market manipulation or fraudulent activity. [$TRUMP] and its developers, partners, and affiliates shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or expenses resulting from the purchase, sale, or use of [$TRUMP]. The information provided in this disclaimer is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal or financial advice. Any decision to purchase, trade, or use [$TRUMP] is solely at the buyer's and user's discretion and risk. By purchasing, trading, or using [$TRUMP], the buyer and user acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions